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E&Tc and Electronics Diploma Project - Empyreal Solution
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E&Tc and Electronics Diploma Project


Mobile Controlled Robot

Mobile Controlled Home appliances

Public Garden Automation

Green House Automation

Micro Controller based automatic Saline end central monitoring

Micro controller based automation of Drilling Robot

Micro Controller based blood glucose measurement system

Micro Controller based body height and weight measurement

Micro Controller Based Breath Rate Monitoring System

Micro Controller based canteen automation using smart cards.

Micro Controller Based Car Black Box Using GSM Techniques

Micro controller based Dam control system for power Generation

Micro Controller based data logger for restaurants and canteens

Micro Controller Based Digital Car Dash Board with Data Recording Facility

Microprocessor Based Thermometer Device

Mobile Phone Operated Surveillance Robot

Automated Vehicle Detection and Collision Avoidance System

GPS Based Tracking System for Automobiles Gps data logger

GPS based Tour Assistant with voice announcement

GPS based Secured ATM cash carrying van

Gps based online tracking for commercial oil tank or ships

Baby Incubator Parameters Monitoring and Control System

Automatic Water Level Sensing & Over Head Tank Control System

Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR

Automatic Railway Signaling System

Automatic Pressure Measurement and Controlling Using Relays

Automatic Path Finder Robotic Buggy

Programmable Timer

Automatic college bell

Automatic Bottle Filling System

Automated Vehicle Detection and Collision Avoidance System

Mobile Phone based Device Control

Microcontroller based GPS SYSTEM

Microcontroller Based Wireless Electric Meter Reader and Logger

Microcontroller Based Temperature-Monitoring

Microcontroller Based Temperature Data Logging On PC

Microcontroller Based Soil Analyzer

Microcontroller based Quiz System

Microcontroller Based Programmable Punching Machine

Microcontroller Based PID Controller

Microcontroller Based Moving Message Display

Microcontroller based intelligent bank security system

Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Meter

Microcontroller Based Fuel Injection System for Automobiles

Microcontroller Based Fire Detection and Early Warning System

Microcontroller Based Distance Meter

Microcontroller Based Digital Autotransformer

Microcontroller Based Code Lock with Security Telephone Dialer

Microcontroller Based Car Security System

Microcontroller Based Boiler Management System

Microcontroller Based Automatic Vehicle Accident information system

Microcontroller Based Automatic Target Tracking and Shooting Gun

Microcontroller Based Automatic Sorting Of Objects in Assembly Lines

Microcontroller Based Automatic Railway Track Changer

Microcontroller based automatic dam shutter open close system

Micro Controller Based Wireless Data Acquisition System Using rf Techniques

Micro Controller based wireless automation of Power Substation using GSM.

Micro Controller based visitor counter

Micro Controller Based Traffic Light Controller

Micro Controller Based Toll Collection System Using Rfid Technique

Micro Controller Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Pwm Techniques.

Micro Controller based solar tracking system using LDR

Micro controller based Smart attendance monitoring and recording system

Micro controller based security system with parameters controlling for building automation with GSM technique

Micro Controller Based Rolling Display for Bus with Voice Announcement

Micro Controller based robotics arm control using RF techniques

Micro Controller Based Relay Tester

Micro Controller based real time elevator control system

Micro Controller Based Railway Traffic Monitoring and Control System

Micro Controller Based Railway Detection System Using RFID and GSM

Micro Controller Based Prepaid Parking System

Micro Controller based postpaid energy meter

Micro controller Based PC keyboard interface (PS2)

Micro Controller Based Patient Monitoring System Using GSM

Micro Controller Based Online Result Announcement System

Micro Controller Based Milk Collection System for Dairies

Micro Controller based Library Management System

Micro Controller based gas plant monitoring system

Micro Controller Based EVM Using Thumb Scanning

Micro Controller based energy saver using GSM technique (Manual mode)

Micro controller based digital screw gauge using stepper motors

Micro controller based digital screw gauge using stepper motors

PC -Microcontroller communication

Microcontroller Interfaced to eight LED's and eight switches

Microcontroller Based LED Chaser

Micro controller Based Multi pattern Running Lights

Fingerprint Based Security System

Electronic Voting Machine

Automatic Emergency Torch

Microcontroller Based LIGHT Intensity Tracker

GPS based animal locator system for Forest department and animal sanctuaries

GPS based animal locator system for Forest department and animal sanctuaries

Gps based aero plane tracking and online data logging system

GPS and GSM based bus locator and tracking system for bus transport department

Efficient Air Conditioner System

DTMF Based Remote Control System

Digital Alarm Clock


Bus Arrival Indication System

Bluetooth based Car Lock and Ignition control

Bluetooth Home Automation

Biomedical data transmission system with central monitoring and controlling system

Bidirectional Visitor Counter

Bidirectional Speed Control of Small Dc Motor and RPM Counter

Bank/Railway Enquiry System

Bank Locker Security System


Please note that the project topics on this page are only a brief list to give the students a idea about the possible projects and technologies that are available to the students for their project work. We at Ensemble offer many more projects of varying complexity under each of the above categories. If you do not find any of the above projects to your liking please contact us either over phone or through the form on the contact us page mentioning your specific requirement and we will get back to you with project topics and ideas that are more suited to your specific requirement.

Also note that the above lists contain a combination of IEEE projects and some non IEEE projects as well, for the students to choose accordingly. The IEEE based projects in the above lists are almost exclusively from IEEE 2013 base papers. The above lists are updated periodically from time to time, you are welcome to visit this page for updated project topics. Our consolidated project lists meant for the academic year 2015-16, which will include many new projects will be uploaded shortly.