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Design of Integrated Supervision and ControlSystem for Substation Power Distributions by Plc

Research and Design of Monitoring System for Belt Conveyor Control System

Automatic Control of Boiler Operation using PLC

Motor Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor with Programmable Logic Controller

Implementation of Heating Tank in Mini Automation Plant Using PLC

Implementation of Heating Tank in Mini Automation Plant Using PLC

Design and Implementation of PLC –Based Monitoring And Control System for Induction Motor

Monitoring and Control of a PLC Based VFD Fed Three Phase Induction Motor for Powder Compacting Press Machine Motor Control in VFD

Application of PLC for Arranging Bottle in Beer Filling Production Line Industrial Control System

Ventilations Doors Automatic Control System Based on PLC and Rotary Encoder Industrial Control

Automatic Control of Tidal Power Plant PLC in Power Plant

Implementing of Heat - Treating Temperature Monitoring and Management System For Roller Industrial Control System

Design of an Intelligent Condition Monitoring for AC Induction Motor Using PLC

Evaluating the Efficiency of Hot Water Boiler Under Various Operating Conditions Industrial Control System

Development of a Batch Control System Batching Process

Water Storage and Distribution System for Pharmaceuticals Using PLC and SCADA Medical Industries

PLC & SCADA Based Automation of Filter House , a Section of Water Treatment Plant De- watering proces

Waste Water Treatment Plant SCADA Application Real time

Automated Urban Drinking Water Supply Control and Water Theft Identification System Water Distribution in Real time

Programmable Logical Controller For Polymer Mixing Tank and Supervising by SCADA Renewable of Water Sources

Development of Automatic Control System for Supplying Cold Water Based on PLC and Configuration Software Industrial Control System

Augmentation to Water Supply Scheme Using PLC & SCADA PLC in Day Today

Design of Automated Control system for Water Works by PLC Water Distribution by PLC

Design of Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based on PLC and SCADA PLC

Automatic Temperature Monitoring and Constant Current Driving High Power Led Supplied by PV/ Wind / Grid Hybrid System Hybrid of Renewable

PLC Controlled Elevator System Real time

The PLC Based Control System for Intelligent Garage PLC in Day Today

Building Energy Management : Integrated Control of Active and Passive Heating , Cooling , Lighting , Shading , and Ventilation Systems BMS by PLC

Automatic Control of Irrigation Systems Aiming at High Energy Efficiency In Rice Crops Agri -Applications

Complete Low Cost SCADA System of the Intelligent House BMS by PLC

PLC based industrial automation


Please note that the project topics on this page are only a brief list to give the students a idea about the possible projects and technologies that are available to the students for their project work. We at Ensemble offer many more projects of varying complexity under each of the above categories. If you do not find any of the above projects to your liking please contact us either over phone or through the form on the contact us page mentioning your specific requirement and we will get back to you with project topics and ideas that are more suited to your specific requirement.

Also note that the above lists contain a combination of IEEE projects and some non IEEE projects as well, for the students to choose accordingly. The IEEE based projects in the above lists are almost exclusively from IEEE 2013 base papers. The above lists are updated periodically from time to time, you are welcome to visit this page for updated project topics. Our consolidated project lists meant for the academic year 2013-14, which will include many new projects will be uploaded shortly.