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image procesing
SignalProcessing copy

An Automatic computer -aided detection system for aircraft emergency landing

Fetal ECG extraction using Wavelet transform

Green house monitoring and control system using fuzzy logic

Implementation of OFDM (Orthogonal frequecncy division multiplexing) system

Automatic harmful animal detection and warning system using vision system


Geological survey using Kmeans clustering

Earth quake detection and time estimation system using real time vibration ploting and GSM system

Wireless notice board with message priority and time allotment system using matlab and embedded

Scene change detection using Change Vector Analysis

Image quality assessment: from error visibility to structural similarity

Chat box application using matlab and GSM

Automatic mobile recharge using fake note ,amount detection and GSM system

Sign language recognisation using skeleton extraction technique

Diabetes detection using Iris

Finger print recognisation

Map Tracer using camera and wall following robot

Automatic PCB drilling maching with shortest path algorithm

Cancer detection system using Kmeans Algorithm

Industrial automation for Object sorting using vision system

Thermal conductivity measurement using matlab and temperature measurement system

image fusion

Data aquisition system and real time graph plotting system using matlab

image panorama creation using SIFT algorithm

Bridge vibration monitoring and warning system

Person identification system using ear geometry

An SLM based PAPR Reduction Method in OFDM

Automatic Detection of Optic Disc Based on PCA and Mathematical Morphology

IRIS based security system

Person identification system using IRIS

Home aplliance control using voice

Home aplliance control using hand gesture

Hand gesture controlled wheel chair

library automation using hand gesture

Audio watermarking

Spectral Subtraction of Noise in Speech Processing Applications

Personal Authentication Using finger Knuckle.

Face Recognition based Car-Locking System.

transformer oil leakage testing machine

Image quality assessment: from error visibility to structural similarity

AGV(automated guided vehicle)

Fetal ECG extraction using PCA

image steganography

Person identification using ear geometry

virtual black board

automotive engine testing test bench using matlab

real time OCR recognition

Rail track monitoring and alert system

Machine Vision Bottle Cap Verification

Industry Quality Assurance - Fruit Sorting by Machine Vision

Spectral substraction of speech

Fish sorting using machine vision

Automatic mobile recharge system with fake note recognisation+gsm

Sign language recognisation

Diabetes detection using IRIS

Finger print recognisation systen using fingerprint scanner+matlab

Maptracer robot+matlab

Automatic PCB drilling machine

Automatic sorting of bottles without labels using vision system

Automatic object recognisation and sorting system

Thermal conductivity measurement system using LM35+MATLAB

Image panorama creation using SIFT algorithm

Geological survey using KMEANS algorithm

Gradient Histogram Estimation and Preservation for Texture Enhanced Image Denoising

Robust Online Multiobject Tracking With Data Association and Track Management

Hyperspectral Image Classification Through Bilayer Graph-Based Learning

Region filling and object removal by exemplar-based image inpainting

Patch-Ordering-Based Wavelet Frame and Its Use in Inverse Problems

QR Images: Optimized Image Embedding in QR Codes

Phase-Based Binarization of Ancient Document Images: Model and Applications

A Novel Local Pattern Descriptor—Local Vector Pattern in High-Order Derivative Space for Face Recognition

Fast Generic Polar Harmonic Transforms

Scene Text Recognition in Mobile Applications by Character Descriptor and Structure Configuration

OSRI: A Rotationally Invariant Binary Descriptor

BRINT: Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Texture Classification

Single Image Interpolation Via Adaptive Nonlocal Sparsity-Based Modeling

Progressive Image Denoising

Rate-Constrained 3D Surface Estimation From Noise-Corrupted Multiview Depth Videos

LBP-Based Edge-Texture Features for Object Recognition

Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint, and Face Recognition

On Scanning Linear Barcodes From Out-of-Focus Blurred Images: A Spatial Domain Dynamic Template Matching Approach

Abandoned Object Detection System.

Novel PCB defect and Damaged Component Analysis using Image Processing.

Analysis of transformer oil by using Image Processing.

Image processing based Automated Guided Vehicle.

Cost effective smart remote controller based on invisible IR-LED using image processing.

Automatic inspection of outdoor insulators using image processing and intelligent techniques.

Disk Space Optimization during video recording in continuous surveillance systems.

Real-time intelligent alarm system of driver fatigue based on video sequences.

Real world automated detection of traffic violations.

Automatic system for determination of blood types using image processing techniques.

Image authentication and restoration by multiple watermarking techniques with advance encryption standard in digital photography.

Multi-sensor Image Fusion

Image Steganography using BPCS (Bit Plane Complexity Steg.) System

Image Steganography using TBPC (Tree Based Parity Check) System.

Separable reversible encrypted data hiding in encrypted image using AES Algorithm and Lossy technique.

A novel approach of assisting the visually impaired to navigate path and avoiding obstacle collisions.

A Digital Image Stabilization Method Based on the Hilbert–Huang Transform

Recognition of human actions using Motion History Information extracted from the compressed video.

An Automated Recognition of fake or destroyed Indian Currency note in machine vision.

Energy saver with localised occupancy detection based on image processing.

Enhancing Light Blob Detection for Intelligent Headlight Control Using Lane Detection

Innovative algorithms for vision defect identification system.

Offline Signature Verification using Grid based Feature Extraction.

A novel approach of assisting the visually impaired to navigate path and avoiding obstacle collisions.

Photographic Enhancement Using Multiple Exposure Images.

Video Segmentation using Dynamic Texture Linear Binary Pattern (DT-LBP).

Seed Quality Analysis using Image Processing

Detection and Classification of Apple Fruit Diseases Using Complete Local Binary Patterns.

Fruit Quality Management System using K-Means Clustering.

Fire Detection using LAB colour-space.

Counting objects in an image by marker controlled watershed segmentation and thresholding.

Scene Text Detection via Connected Component Clustering and Nontext Filtering

Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition Using VEDA algorithm.

Vehicle Classification and Measurement using Image Processing.

Digital watermarking using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Principal Component Analysis.

Device Control using hand gestures.

American Sign Language Recognition using image processing.

Diabetes Recognition using Iridology.

Non-invasive Haemoglobin Detection Using image Processing.

Iris Recognition using Phase Based Matching.

Detection of abnormalities in retinal images.

Face Recognition based Car-Locking System.

Leaf Disease Recognition.

User Authentication Using Keyboard and Mouse Dynamics.

Leaf Disease Recognition.

Personal Authentication Using finger Knuckle.

Personal Authentication Using Finger print.

Malaria Parasite Detection using SVM Classifier.

Mouse Pointer Control using hand gestures.

Lung Cancer Detection using Watershed Segmentation.

Automatic retrival of MRI brain image using Multiqueries system.

Brain Tumour Detection using CT and MRI image fusion.

Tissue density classification in mammographic images using local features.

Breast Cancer Detection using SVM Classifier.

Change Detection in SAR images using fuzzy Clustering.

Fabric Textile Defect Detection using Wavelet Coefficients.

Performance evaluation of traditional and adaptive lifting based wavelets with SPIHT for lossy image compression.

Application of temperature compensated ultrasonic ranging for blind person and verification using MATLAB.

Super-pixel Classification Based Optic Disc and Optic Cup Segmentation for Glaucoma Screening.

Colour and texture feature-based image retrieval by using hadamard matrix in discrete wavelet transfor

Acoustic interference cancellation for a voice-driven interface in smart TVs

Signal detection for cognitive radar

Least-Mean-Square algorithm based adaptive filters for removing power line interference from ECG signal.

Wavelet-based analysis for heart sound monitoring system.

Automated pitch-based gender recognition using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system.

Fuzzy rule based voice emotion control for user demand speech generation of emotion robot.

Speech recognition based wireless automation of home loads with fault identification for physically challenged.

Wind Signal Forecasting Based on System Identification Toolbox of MATLAB.

Advanced modulation formats for free-space laser communication.

A Key Management Scheme for Secure Communications of Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid

On Spatial Domain Cognitive Radio Using Single-Radio Parasitic Antenna Arrays.

Full-dimension MIMO (FD-MIMO) for next generation cellular technology.

Modelling of OFDM-ODSB-FSO Transmission System under Different Weather Conditions.

Accelerometer Based Digital Pen for Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition

Extraction of FECG signal using ICA (Independent Component Analysis).

ECG Signal Classification

EEG Signal Classification using PSD Features.

Acceleration Sensor based Mouse.

Device Control Using Speech Recognition

Speech Emotion Recognition.

Drowsiness Detection Using EEG Signals.

Simulation of OFDM System in Matlab (BER,Multipath,PAPR)

Simulation Of smart Antenna using Beamforming Technique

Note: Please note that the project topics on this page are only a brief list to give the students a idea about the possible projects and technologies that are available to the students for their project work. We at Ensemble offer many more projects of varying complexity under each of the above categories. If you do not find any of the above projects to your liking please contact us either over phone or through the form on the contact us page mentioning your specific requirement and we will get back to you with project topics and ideas that are more suited to your specific requirement. Also note that the above lists contain a combination of IEEE projects and some non IEEE projects as well, for the students to choose accordingly. The IEEE based projects in the above lists are almost exclusively from IEEE 2013 base papers. The above lists are updated periodically from time to time, you are welcome to visit this page for updated project topics. Our consolidated project lists meant for the academic year 2013-14, which will include many new projects will be uploaded shortly.